AdWords Starter Kit for 1 month

Immediate online success! Acquire new customers in no time at all.

Search engine advertising is the fastest and most efficient entry point for customer acquisition via search engines.

We promptly analyze, design, and produce a ready-to-use AdWords campaign for you. You specify the themes, we do the rest. After one month you will receive detailed data concerning the success of the campaign.
We make your business successful. Measurable. Identifiable. Sustainable.

Our services: AdWords Starter Kit for 1 month
- Selection of 1 theme of your website (one language)
– Analysis of relevant search terms
– Evaluation of search volumes
– Setup – Google AdWords campaign
– Copywriting of five text ads
– Placement of the campaign after your acceptance
– Manual optimization 1 month
– Campaign monitoring 1 month
– Setup of reporting tools
– Reporting: Data analysis and position statement
– Management summary (recommendations, tips)

  Our offer: AdWords Starter Kit for 1 month: CHF 1,800.00
  As of month 2: CHF 300 per month
  Recommended minimum pay-per-click budget (goes to Google) for 1 month: CHF 600.00

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