Complete Website Analysis

Be found on the web.

All-round assistance for the professional web presence.

You concentrate on your core competencies. We help you achieve an optimal online presence.. Your effort remains minimal.

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After in-depth analysis and research we prepare concepts that help your attain more visibility on the web. These concepts are decided on in a kickoff meeting and subsequently we implement them.

You receive regular reports on the successes achieved, changes in the market and activities of the most important competitors, as well as recommendations for new possibilities.

Our services: Complete website analysis
– Keyword research of the complete website
– Keyword research for additional customer requirements
– Analysis of all important competitors in the industry
- Analysis of technical factors (programming, formats, prevalent errors, etc.)
- Handbook for technical optimization of the website (workshops as needed)
- Analyses of content factors (scope, keyword distribution, selection of terms, etc.)
- Handbook for content optimization of the website
- Multilingual copywriting of important content and landing pages
- Copywriting of metainformation in the theme area (recommendations / samples)
- Analysis and reporting of the positions in the search engines
- Analysis of the success values of the different campaigns
- Report on market information, innovations, changes, possibilities, prospects
- Kickoff meeting
- Management summary (recommendations, tips)

   Our offering: Complete website analysis, starting at CHF 3,800.00

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