Cross-Cultural Marketing

Foreign language advertising texts from mother-tongue professional copywriters.

Nothing happens without language. This is also true in other languages.

A catchline is only a good catchline if it functions.
There is a reason why it functions. To ensure that it also functions in a different language is a higher art – however there is also a reason why it functions. We know the reason.

With our international network we provide text and advertising copy directly in the target language. You can only capture foreign markets if you are aware of foreign cultural concepts, communication strategies, needs and ways of thinking.

Offline and online communication materials should not be translated but rather localized and adapted to the specific particularities of the cultural area.

Examples of cultural area specific communication elements:

  • Language
  • Terminology hierarchies
  • Terminology
  • Format and layout
  • Language and style
  • Symbols, colors, graphics, illustrations
  • Culture-specific text types
  • Fonts and typography
  • Structure and density of the information

Are you expanding?
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SemioticTransfer AG is your one-stop agency for cross-cultural marketing.

We are the only communications agency in Switzerland that has been certified by TÜV SÜD for its multilingual translating and cross-cultural copywriting.

We make your business successful. Measurable. Identifiable. Sustainable.

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