Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Only those who perform their work faultlessly relative to both technology and contentreach the top positions in Google and other search engines. Consequently it is no wonder that for search engine optimization improvement of the user experience determines who wins and who loses.

The interests of search engine operators, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing & Co. are really not all that different than your own interests. To serve the relevant content of your website as precisely tailored as possible to your target customers in response to the search query, on a tray.

To be found by prospective customers! This is the crucial issue associated with search engine optimization or the focused optimization of your Internet presence – both in terms of technology and content.

The Google search engine should become the response engine for your prospective customers and existing customers, who are searching for your products and services. We ensure that the prospective customers and existing customers find precisely those responses on your website – and not on the website of your competition!

Management Summary

  • >With our focused search engine optimization oriented to your customers, we profitably position your products and services in the online search market.
  • > We evaluate the search behavior of prospective customers and prepare reports that you can use strategically to achieve your corporate goals.
  • > We transform the search interest of potential customers into cash. We make your business successful. Measurable. Identifiable. Sustainable.

Excerpt of our SEO services:

> Keyword research of the complete website
> Keyword research relative to the needs of potential customers
> Analysis of all important competitors in the industry
> Analysis of technical factors (programming, formats, prevalent errors, etc.)
> Handbook for technical optimization of the website (workshops as needed)
> Analysis of content factors (scope, keyword distribution, selection of terms, etc.)
> Handbook for content optimization of the website
> Multilingual copywriting of important content and landing pages
> Copywriting metainformation in the subject area (recommendations/samples)
> Analysis and reporting of the positions in the search engines
> Analysis of the success factors of the different campaigns
> Report on marketing information, innovations, changes, possibilities, prospects
> Kickoff meeting
> Management summary (recommendations, tips)