Arno Giovannini

Dr. Arno Giovannini

«Is communication a random happening? How are sense and meaning constructed? For corporate and brand communication, this question is the one that decides the outcome of the proverbial match. Since my student days, I have been working on communication and imagination structures. We have succeeded in answering this question for brands, branding, positioning and CI with a viable scientific model.» Click here to learn more

Managing Director, Partner
Dr. phil. Universität of Zürich

Arno Giovannini

Urs Leimann

«Sport for me is an important source of well-being after long periods of intensive work. Dancing not only provides me with an opportunity for physical movement, but is also a way to spend enjoyable evenings in a nice atmosphere!»

Financial Controller, Partner
Graduate Business Economist

Arno Giovannini
Michaela Kanzian

«Because I was born in the heart of the Austrian mountains right on border to Italy, mountains always remind me of home. Be it during a summer hike or a winter ski trip, I can always relax in the mountains and recharge my batteries. What I enjoy most is seeing a sea of mist at my feet after reaching the mountain top or when the snow-covered mountain peaks glow red at sunset.»

Junior Language Manager
German (native), Italian, Russian

Arno Giovannini

Sara Veggetti

«As an Italian, I would say cooking, love and imagination! I’m a creative person. I let my creativity run freely when baking in the kitchen or writing short stories. I want my passion to touch other people’s hearts. I love my family, and sweet smells from the kitchen bring me right back home, even when home is far away.»

Junior Language Manager
Italian (native), German, French

Arno Giovannini

Eva Rid

«My roots are in Germany, and my wings carried me to Switzerland and Brazil. II try to experience the best of these cultures and to absorb them. I enjoy a day surfing waves off a beach as much as a stroll through a snow-clad Christmas market.

That is because the true pleasures in life are to be found in the little things!»

Language Manager German, Spanish, English
Dipl. Übersetzerin [graduate translator]

Arno Giovannini

Tamara Castro

«I was born in Geneva, the daughter of a Spanish father and a Swiss German mother, but my heart is Brazilian. My passion for better understanding and experiencing different cultures has prompted me to go on journeys of discovery around the world. I prefer films and books in their original language.»

Language Manager Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian and English

Arno Giovannini

Vaneska Polainas«

«Born in Germany as the daughter of a Portuguese father and a Brazilian mother, it has always been natural for me to encounter different languages and cultures on a daily basis. I enjoy life close to water, whether in Germany or Brazil, but I now no longer wish to miss summer sun and sunshine, so at least on a provisional basis, I have put my nomadic existence on hold in favour of a working life in the warmth of Brazil.»

Project Manager
MBA in Business Management

Arno Giovannini

Mariana Lescourret

«I was born in the heart of the French Pyrenees and have loved skiing since my earliest childhood days. My values are carved into the rock of my home mountains and the wind from Spain gave me a taste for travel to distant places… I now live in Switzerland where I am able to live out my greatest passion to the full!»

Marketing Assistant
Dr. cand Information and Communication Science

Arno Giovannini

Maurizio Schianchi

«Born in the Aargau region as an Italian national (Parma/Bergamo), seated at the same school desks as Frank Wedekind and Albert Einstein in their day, then growing up in the world of communication and advertising in Zurich, Basel, Geneva, Copenhagen and Stuttgart – now here to help to make great things happen.»

Text/conceptual specialist
lic.phil. Sprach- und Medien-/Kommunikationswissenschaften [language and media/communication sciences]

Sabina Wähli

Sabina Wähli

«Cooking is a way for me to let my creativity to flow. I love collecting recipes and spoiling my guests with fine meals. When I’m not in the kitchen, I enjoy the ‘dolce far niente’ and the beauties of nature.»


Daniela Müller

Daniela Müller

«My heart beats for motion pictures, whether it be video or film; behind the camera or in front of a cinema screen. I find the interplay of the various disciplines in large projects completely fascinating. As a passionate cinemagoer, I’m of course inspired by a harmonious end result.»

Graphic Designer

Arno Giovannini

Andrea Rodrigues

«Sun, sea and waves are my passion. For this reason, I decided to turn my back on Switzerland once and for all after I completed my polygraph training. I ended up on the northeast coast of Brazil, where I now live in a tiny fishing village between the sand dunes. Here alongside my work and family, I can enjoy my favourite hobby – surfing every day.»

Editing / DTP
Dipl. Polygrafin [graduate polygraph]

Arno Giovannini

Lukas Keller

«Inspired by great rock legends, I learned to play the guitar. The vibrations from the strings help me to forget the stress of work and help me to find new and creative ideas. I came close to having a career as a rock star, but didn’t quite make the cut.»

SEO-Expert, Webmaster


Adriana Giovannini



The SemioticTransfer team in Baden (Switzerland) is responsible for the coordination of customer orders with internal and external service providers from the specialist fields of translating, editing, publishing and online marketing.

In Brazil, a dedicated European team is hard at work for SemioticTransfer AG.

SemioticTransfer AG employs an international network of technical translators, text and concept specialists, graphic artists, webmasters, journalists, PR specialists as well as PrePress and print agencies. Together with our own teams, partners and freelancers who reside in the target language sales markets, we are able to offer an optimum price/performance ratio.
Personal advice, proximity to our clients and the commitment shown by our staff are the key contributing factors to the delivery of any order by SemioticTransfer AG.